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Mbus Software

cppmbus-1.15.tar.gz (Nov 07, 2005)

Note: From version 1.04 on, cppmbus can optionally be linked against OpenSSL's libcrypto. If you want to use SHA1 message digests or DES encryption you have to install OpenSSL as well. Here is a local copy of openssl-0.9.7c.tar.gz. The OpenSSL web page is here: www.openssl.org. (Note: To build with gcc-3.*, you should at least use openssl-0.9.7-beta5 as previous version may not compile correctly.)

cppmbus also contains an implementation of the Mbus Guidelines.

A new C implementation based on glib 2.6.x (http://www.gtk.org/). The current release 0.2.1 supports the complete RFC 3259 and the UNICAST RPC mechanism described in the Mbus guidelines.

UCL Common Multimedia-Library

Information about a JAVA implementation of the Message Bus can be found here.

java-mbus-beta7.tgz (April 20, 2000)

jmbus-1.0.6.tar.gz (December 16th, 2002) This version is a release with RPC support. It is a completely restructured version that is incompatible with previous releases.

For RPMs look at SourceForge.

The current version of the Mbus Python implementation is 0.8.7 and it is available at http://www.mbus.org/download/python. You have do download two packages: pyMbus and pyNotifier (version 0.3.9).

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